Missile launcher found in US man’s luggage at airport

Missile launcher Image copyright AFP
Image caption The man said the launcher was a souvenir from Kuwait

US airport security officers have confiscated a missile launcher from a passenger’s luggage in Maryland.

The launcher was discovered in the checked luggage of a man who said he worked for the military.

He told officials at Baltimore/Washington International Airport that the launcher was a souvenir from Kuwait.

It has been turned over to the state fire marshal for safe disposal.

The Transport Security Administration (TSA) said in a statement that “the man, a resident of Jacksonville, Texas, told officials that he was an active military personnel”.

It added: “Fortunately, the item was not a live device. It was confiscated and handed over to the state fire marshal for safe disposal. The man was permitted to catch his flight.”

Military weapons are not permitted in checked or carry on bags.

It is not the first strange piece of luggage to be found by TSA. In August 2018, officers discovered a set of his and hers replica grenades in checked luggage at Newark Liberty International Airport.


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