Man arrested with 30 phones in cycling shorts after rock gig

Suspect's shorts Image copyright dutch police
Image caption The shorts found to be stuffed with mobile phones

Dutch police got to the bottom of mobile phone thefts at a rock concert when they found a man with 30 mobiles in his cycling shorts.

The suspected pickpocket is a 34-year-old man, believed to be in a roving gang of thieves, police say.

He was stopped after rock fans alerted police, who then blocked the exits.

Extra police went to the Sum 41 concert in Amsterdam-Zuidoost after a tip-off from Belgian police. Fifty mobiles had been stolen at a Sum 41 gig in Antwerp.

Image copyright dutch police
Image caption Dutch police released this photo of the stolen phones

It is not yet clear if the suspect – a Romanian national – had accomplices at the Canadian band’s Amsterdam concert, which took place on 21 January.

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