Iran nuclear deal: Macron and Rouhani agree to ‘look at conditions for talks’

Iranian technicians remove a container of radioactive uranium, "yellow cake", sealed by the International Atomic Energy Agency, to be used at the Isfahan plant. Photo: August 2005 Image copyright AFP/Getty Images
Image caption Iranian technicians remove a container of radioactive uranium. Photo: August 2005

France and Iran have agreed to look at conditions for resuming talks to try to save Tehran’s nuclear deal with world powers, President Emmanuel Macron says.

During a phone call with President Hassan Rouhani, Mr Macron expressed his “strong concern” about the consequences of abandoning the 2015 deal.

Mr Rouhani called on European countries to act urgently to save the deal aimed at curbing Iran’s nuclear programme.

The deal has been in jeopardy since the US pulled out last year.

President Donald Trump later imposed punishing sanctions on Iran.

In May, Iran responded by stepping up production of enriched uranium, used to make reactor fuel but also potentially nuclear bombs.

Tehran has already stockpiled more enriched uranium than the country was supposed to.

Iran has been expected to announce on Sunday that it will breach another limit by taking the enrichment process to a higher level.


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