Café Tacvba’s van robbed and crew beaten

Mexican rock band Café Tacvba at the Lunas del Auditorio award ceremony in October 2018 Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Mexican rock band Café Tacvba has won nine Latin Grammys and one Grammy since their formation in 1989

Mexican rock band Café Tacvba says it has had its van full of instruments stolen and crew members attacked en route to a gig in Cancún.

In a statement posted on Twitter, the band said hijackers took instruments and equipment “indispensable for any Café Tacvba show”.

“Two of our crew members were brutally beaten and briefly kidnapped,” it said.

The band vowed to perform on Saturday regardless. Police have reportedly found the van abandoned and empty.

The stretch of road, running from the central city of Puebla to the Caribbean resort town of Cancún through the state of Veracruz, is known for hijackings.

Formed in 1989, Café Tacvba is one of Mexico’s most well-known and successful rock bands. The group has won nine Latin Grammys and one Grammy in 2004 for their fifth album Cuatro Caminos.

Rolling Stone magazine once called Café Tacvba the “Mexican Beatles” and compared them to Radiohead – prompting complaints from fans who insist the band is unique.

“So Radiohead are the English Tacvba Café?”, one fan tweeted.


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