Woman sexually assaulted at TRNSMT festival

Stormzy Image copyright PA Media
Image caption The incident took place at about the time of Stormzy’s performance

Police are looking for two men after a woman was sexually assaulted at the TRNSMT festival in Glasgow.

During the incident, a 32-year-old woman was grabbed by one man and then sexually assaulted by another during a concert at Glasgow Green.

The incident took place at about 22:00 as she made her way to the toilets, believed to be near the main stage.

Three men who were walking by at the time shouted at the suspects, who then ran off.

The suspects are both described as white, 6ft tall, of medium build and dark hair.

One was wearing a black T-shirt with a small logo on the front and the other a white T-shirt with black writing.

‘Attackers fled’

Det Sgt Euan Keil said: “The woman was making her way to the toilets when she was grabbed by one man and pulled to the rear of the toilet block where another man sexually assaulted her.

“Her attackers fled when they were disturbed by three men who were walking by the area and who shouted at them.

“I don’t think the three men realised what was actually going on or that their intervention probably stopped this attack from escalating.

“It is important that we trace them as what they saw could prove vital to us catching the two men responsible.”

A statement from the TRNSMT festival said: “We are doing everything possible to help emergency services with their inquiries but our focus at this moment is the wellbeing of the person involved, and we are ensuring that they have all the support that they need.”



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