Teacher struck off after pupil filmed him wearing just boxer shorts

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Image caption The teacher has been granted anonymity

A teacher has been struck off after being filmed by a pupil wearing just boxer shorts and trainers while drunk in the street.

The secondary school teacher was caught on camera on a Wednesday morning in June 2018 before being arrested for abusing paramedics.

He did not inform the school he was charged over his drunken behaviour.

A disciplinary panel found him “currently unfit to teach” and has banned him from the profession.

The General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) met to discuss allegations against the man known as Teacher Z.

He was alleged to be “under the influence of alcohol, dressed only in boxer shorts and trainers on a public road, and a video clip of you in such a state was posted on Facebook by a pupil”.

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Image caption The teacher had breached the teachers’ code of conduct in six ways

Concluding the man was “currently unfit to teach”, the GTSC added there was a “high risk” of a similar incident happening again.

However, the council said that if he can demonstrate that he has taken sufficient steps in his recovery to be considered fit to teach within the next year, the man could apply to re-register to work in the profession.

Finding he had breached the teachers’ code of conduct in six ways, the GTCS panel said: “The panel considered whether the teacher had fallen significantly short of the standards expected, meaning that he is unfit to teach.

“The panel considered that having regard to the very serious nature of the conduct, the high risk of recurrence and the public interest considerations that the teacher falls significantly short of the standards expected.

“For these reasons, the panel concluded that the teacher is currently unfit to teach.”

The incident also led to his conviction in court and a fine.



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