‘No sign of intruder’ in British woman’s Barbados death

Natalie Crichlow Image copyright Ashley Best
Image caption Natalie Crichlow was in Barbados to look after her brother

A British woman died due to infection following serious burns suffered in a fire in Barbados, a post-mortem examination has revealed.

Natalie Crichlow, 44, from Colindale, London, was in Barbados to look after her disabled brother.

Her family has said the mother of three was attacked and set alight while in bed.

However, Royal Barbados Police Force said there was no sign of an intruder or flammable liquid on her clothing.

In a statement on Friday, Barbados Police Commissioner Tyrone Griffith said the “seat” of the fire was in the kitchen.

‘Unnatural death’

It rapidly engulfed the house, and residents and workmen on a nearby property “sprang into action to assist”, he said.

They found Ms Crichlow in the garden of the house badly burned.

CCTV from an adjacent house “clearly demonstrated that no-one entered those premises for hours prior to the fire”, the commissioner said.

He said the footage also showed the blaze originated in the kitchen.

A man who once lived in the house has been interviewed, but the commissioner said he had no involvement in Ms Crichlow’s death.

He said: “This matter is being treated as an unnatural death and intense investigations are ongoing.

“At this stage there is nothing to indicate that there was an intruder at the premises.”

Ms Crichlow’s niece has said the family is concerned the police force on the island is not treating the death as a murder investigation.

Ms Crichlow, who was born in Luton, has three children aged 10, 20 and 26.

Her son, footballer Romoney Crichlow-Noble, has thanked fans for their support following his mother’s death.

They want her body returned to Britain for burial.

They have set up a crowd-funding page in an attempt to raise the £8,000 needed.



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