Newspaper headlines: Is cross-party Brexit deal ‘99% done’?

Front page of the Times
Image caption The Times is among the papers to lead on cross-party talks between Labour and the Conservatives. It says more than 100 Tories warned the prime minister “not to cave in to Labour”, while threatening they would block a “softer Brexit”.
Front page of the Daily Express
Image caption The Daily Express say Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are “just a quarter of an inch” away from agreeing on a Brexit strategy, according to a cabinet minister. It says the deal is based on “close customs links” between the UK and Brussels.
Front page of the Guardian
Image caption The Guardian reports Labour MPs will not back a Brexit deal without the promise of a second referendum – even if Theresa May offers to compromise on a customs union and workers’ rights.
Front page of the i
Image caption Any compromise in cross-party talks would result in both main parties risking “fury” from their own MPs, notes the i.
Front page of the Financial Times
Image caption In other news, the Financial Times reports that the EU competition commission has launched an investigation into Apple’s conduct – after Spotify accused it of “tipping the playing field to disadvantage competitors”. The paper says the investigation comes as a “battle for the future of the music industry” intensifies.
Front page of the Telegraph
Image caption The Daily Telegraph carries a recent image of convicted extremist, Anjem Choudary, leaving a corner shop – following his release from prison. It says security services are concerned that the banned Islamist group he once led poses a “renewed threat to national security”.
Front page of the Daily Mail
Image caption Three-quarters of maternity units do not have consultants on-site outside of office hours, the Daily Mail reports. It claims women are often left in the hands of midwives and “exhausted junior doctors” if they give birth during the evening or over the weekend – leaving them at “risk”.
Front page of the Mirror
Image caption The Daily Mirror leads on calls to ban a Netflix drama after a mother claims it encouraged her daughter to take her own life. It says the 12-year-old girl became suicidal after watching 13 Reasons Why with friends.
Front page of the Sun
Image caption The Sun seems to be waiting in anticipation for the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s first child. The paper suggests the royal couple were among fans watching the BBC drama, Line Of Duty – and joke the gripping finale could induce the “seventh in line to the throne”.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Theresa May has held secret discussions with aides and ministers over another EU referendum.

It would offer a choice of a Brexit deal, a no deal scenario or remain.

Sources say it would only become relevant if talks with Labour collapse and Parliament forced a fresh public vote.

The Guardian says Jeremy Corbyn will not be able to get enough of his MPs to back a Brexit deal for it to pass through the Commons unless he promises a second referendum.

Party sources tell the paper two-thirds of Labour MPs would insist on such a condition.

Meanwhile in Russia, Novaya Gazeta is one of many news organisations to have multiple reports on the plane crash in Moscow.

Media playback is unsupported on your device

Media captionPassengers used emergency exit slides to escape the Sukhoi Superjet 100

It says the Murmansk region has declared three days of mourning.

The local authorities have promised to pay a million roubles – £11,000 – to the families of the dead.

Izvestia says the plane involved – the Sukhoi Superjet 100 – could be suspended from all flights if it turns out a mechanical fault caused the crash.

Sources have suggested that there could have been an electrical fault on board.

The lead story for the Daily Mail is what it calls a damning audit showing three-quarters of maternity units have no consultants on site out-of-office hours.

The paper says it means women are in the hands of midwives and “often exhausted” junior doctors. Specialists are available on call.

According to the Times, almost 500 train drivers are being employed by Crossrail – on salaries of up to £59,000 – even though the railway’s full opening has been delayed until 2021.

It’s thought to be costing the taxpayer £25m but Crossrail insists the staff are being “fully utilised” on other duties.

The Financial Times reports that the EU will launch a formal antitrust investigation into Apple in the next few weeks after a complaint from the music streaming service, Spotify.

It says Apple abused the dominance of its App Store to favour its own music service – a claim Apple has previously described as “misleading.”

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption The Duke and Duchess of Sussex could have been among the millions of people who watched Line Of Duty, says the Sun

Finally, the Sun says that 14m people tuned in to watch the season finale of the BBC drama, Line of Duty – including Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex.

It says some people have joked that the thrilling end to the detective show could have induced the heavily pregnant Meghan to give birth to a child that will be seventh in a “line of duty” of its own – the throne.

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