Naturist campsite footpath rerouted after privacy fears

A pond at Dolcoed camping site
Image caption The footpath currently runs to the right of this pond, adjacent to the naturist campsite, but is being rerouted to the left

A public footpath that cuts through the middle of a naturist campsite will be rerouted.

The path runs alongside 15 caravan pitches at Dolcoed camping site in Maesycrugiau, Carmarthenshire.

After a process lasting almost two years, the existing path will be blocked up and a new route introduced.

Jo Eveleigh, who runs the campsite with her husband Mike, said: “We’re relieved it’s over and done with and the path is going to be diverted.”

When plans to change the route were first submitted to Carmarthenshire council, three neighbours opposed it as it would run through a field behind their homes.

Mrs Eveleigh described the original path as “an error” as it ran through the middle of her house – which dates back 200 years – and out of a back door that she does not have.

The path will now be rerouted around the edge of the site.

In its decision, the Planning Inspectorate said the home “pre-dates the definitive map” and acknowledged “some discomfort might also arise to walkers passing the naturist campsite”.

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Work on the new path began shortly before Christmas, but the completion date has not been confirmed.

The council said the cost of the diversion would not be known until it was finished and would be paid for by the Eveleighs.

Llanllwni Community Council wanted the path moved to “reduce the possibility of the public coming into contact with, or sight of, the users of the campsite”.

However, several people living next door to the campsite said they did not have a problem with the naturists.

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Media captionMany people living near the site were not worried by the path

But Malcolm and Teresa Tulloch, whose home backs onto the field where the new path will go, previously said the public right of way should be scrapped as the path “hasn’t been used for donkeys years”.

The original path had several obstructions – which had not previously been complained about – but the Planning Inspectorate said there was “interest from the local community to have the path reopened”.

The inspector acknowledged privacy issues raised by people living nearby, but said the new path would be “in excess of 60m from the properties”.

Mrs Eveleigh added: “It’s great for us because it’s completely out of the way. It’s better for everybody concerned – better for us, better for our neighbours.”



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