National Lottery: Age limit for players could be raised

National lottery sign Image copyright PA Media

The age limit for playing the National Lottery could be raised to 18, the government has said.

Announcing a consultation on the age limits for all National Lottery games, culture minister Mims Davies said they were some of the few ways under-18s were allowed to gamble.

The consultation will also look at only increasing the age limit for instant-win scratch cards and online games.

Ms Davies said her initial view was that this “could be the best approach”.

But Labour said the minimum age for all gambling products should be 18.

Announcing the review in the House of Commons, Ms Davies said 18 was the age when people gained full citizenship rights and responsibilities.

She added that the risk of harm associated with playing the National Lottery was the lowest of any form of gambling, “but we do know the risk is slightly higher for instant win games than it is for draw-based games such as Lotto”.

The government could also choose to keep the status quo or raise the age limit for all lottery games, which include EuroMillions.

Ms Davies also announced changes to society lotteries – non-commercial lotteries run for good causes – including increasing the maximum draw prize from £400,000 to £500,000.

But Labour’s shadow culture secretary, Tom Watson, said there was “absolutely no need” for a consultation on the age limit.

He said: “It’s our strong view, and I’m sure members across the House will agree, that we already have all the evidence we need. To gamble you should be an adult, so the minimum age for all gambling products should be 18 – it’s as simple as that.”

National Lottery operator Camelot said it has “no issue” with the review.



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