Little Land Rovers: Instagram creator’s big photography adventure

Model Land Rovers by a river Image copyright Liam Cant
Image caption Photographer Liam Cant has discovered a way to enjoy 4×4 adventures on a different scale

Taking a 4×4 vehicle on an off-road adventure with a camera in hand is “a bit of escapism” for Land Rover fan and Instagrammer Liam Cant.

And, to his surprise, photography of his replica vehicles is quickly gaining a social following as people fall in love with his @little_landrovers creations.

White model Land Rover splashes through puddle Image copyright Liam Cant
Image caption At a glance the Land Rovers appear to be full-sized vehicles on countryside adventures

The 30-year-old maintenance engineer switched from 4×4 owner to collector of 1:43 scale Land Rover replicas in an effort to be more green.

He photographs the models with his smartphone, often while walking his dog near his Norfolk home, and then shares them online.

Model red and green Land Rovers watched by chickens Image copyright Liam Cant
Image caption “It’s a bit of escapism… a break from doing something fairly industrial all day,” the photographer said

He invests in the miniatures over expensive photographic equipment.

And while the models may be collectors’ items, he has no qualms about getting them mucky and “realistic” in his quest for the perfect shot.

Red model Land Rovers driving along dirt track Image copyright Liam Cant
Image caption “I’ll just stick it in the mud… that was the point of the car,” he said

Mr Cant’s love of the vehicles started at the age of 13, when he visited the annual Land Rover show in Peterborough with his family.

“My first car was an old Land Rover 90 that my father and I built up from the chassis,” he said.

“We were the typical father and son in the garage, doing bits and pieces during the summer holidays.”

Model Land Rover Defender on gravel track Image copyright Liam Cant
Image caption Since starting his Instagram account in June, Mr Cant has grown a “supportive” following with his style of close-up model photography

Mr Cant’s creative exploits around his home near Attleborough have drawn the attention of other dog walkers, resulting in plenty of “funny looks.”

“One guy said: ‘I thought you’d fallen over… are you playing [with toys]?'” he recalled.

“I could be embarrassed, but it’s about what you get out of it. You show them the pictures afterwards, and they get it.”

Red model Land Rover crosses water on a branch Image copyright Liam Cant
Image caption This was one of the photographer’s first Instagram shots, and his account now features more than 200 posts. Enjoying Land Rovers is not just about the cars, he said, but a “lifestyle”

Despite having owned several Land Rovers over the years, he decided commuting at 30 miles (48km) to the gallon was “not quite the right thing to do.”

He maintains his love of British cars and now drives an old Rover which he said is more economical and “as close as I can get”.

Model Land Rover drives through a river Image copyright Liam Cant
Image caption He maintains his hobby isn’t about ‘likes’, adding: “When you see a sunrise, that’s what takes you out.”

See more of Liam’s work on Instagram @little_landrovers

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