Harry Dunn’s mother welcomes RAF Croughton driver training

Harry Dunn Image copyright Justice4Harry19
Image caption Harry Dunn died in hospital after his motorbike was involved in a crash outside RAF Croughton

The mother of Harry Dunn has welcomed a decision to give driver training to staff at an RAF base near where her son was killed.

Motorcyclist Mr Dunn, 19, was hit by a car on 27 August near RAF Croughton, a US Air Force communications station.

It is believed suspect Anne Sacoolas, who left for the US claiming diplomatic immunity, was on the wrong side of the road.

Northamptonshire Chief Constable Nick Adderley said he would fund training.

He said “saving lives” was the primary priority of the free lessons on Highway Code awareness, UK road laws and protocols – which will be offered to all new arrivals at RAF Croughton.

A video emerged of a car being driven on the wrong side of the road near the base on Friday.

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Media captionThis car was filmed on Friday on the wrong side of the road near the RAF base

Mr Dunn’s mother Charlotte Charles said it was “wonderful” that the police force was going to introduce the training.

“It’s a small step but it’s a positive step,” she said.

“Our roads are very different in England in comparison to what they are in the US, we’ve got many more hazards, lots of hairpin bends, lots of roads that are only wide enough for one car, so driver training is particularly important.”

Ms Charles said she was also campaigning to get stickers put in cars, reminding people what side of the road they should be driving on.

“They are simple, visual aspects but they could become really important and to have that visual reminder is something we are really keen on,” she said.

Image caption Charlotte Charles said driver training was “particularly important”

Mr Adderley said the training would begin at the base from 12 March.

“I will provide the funding for this. Cost is not a primary issue here, saving lives and remembering Harry Dunn is,” he said.

Mr Dunn died in hospital after a head-on crash with a car near RAF Croughton.

Mrs Sacoolas, 42, the wife of a US intelligence officer, has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving but has refused to return to the UK despite an extradition attempt.

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Image caption Anne Sacoolas pictured on her wedding day in 2003



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