Extinction Rebellion activists glued to Barclays Bank

Climate demo at Barclays
Image caption The campaigners say Barclays is a large investor in fossil fuels

Climate change protesters have glued themselves to the pavement outside the Barclays Bank headquarters in Manchester.

The group of eight campaigners broke away from a four-day blockade of Deansgate in Manchester city centre organised by Extinction Rebellion.

The protesters say Barclays is one of the largest investors in fossil fuels.

The original climate camp protest began on Friday after discussions with Manchester City Council and police.

A Barclays statement said: “We recognise that climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the world today and are determined to do all we can to support the transition to a low carbon economy, while also ensuring that global energy needs continue to be met.”

Image caption The demonstrators have blocked the entrance to Barclays’ HQ
Image caption Protesters who had been camped elsewhere in Manchester staged a die-in near Barclays

An Extinction Rebellion Manchester spokesperson said: “Barclays has funded the fossil fuel industry, from fracking and coal here in Britain to the Dakota Access pipeline in North America.

“Mines and oilfields are financed with the help of Barclays, who are increasing their financing for fossil fuel.

“Today we’re calling on them to stop doing that and recognise that we are facing catastrophic ecological breakdown which these practices are contributing to.

“We have just a handful of years before the damage we have done to the planet becomes irreversible.”

Image caption There has been in dialogue with police and civic authorities

Extinction Rebellion Manchester said it has been working with authorities and has been meeting with the police every few hours to keep them informed about its activities, but both the council and Greater Manchester Police warned activists not to break the law.

Protesters from the camp in Deansgate joined the Barclays demo to stage a die-in protest.

Councillor Nigel Murphy, deputy leader of Manchester City Council, said: “Protesters have made their point. It’s a point about the urgency of tackling climate change which many Mancunians completely understand.

“But any actions which cause disruption to the lives of large numbers of ordinary citizens risk being counterproductive to the protesters’ cause and we would encourage them to act appropriately.”

A Greater Manchester Police spokeswoman said eight “locked on” protesters were stopping customers and staff entering both entrances of Barclays Bank on Piccadilly Place.

“We will work as quickly as possible to remove the protesters, while ensuring their safety,” she added.

Image caption Extinction Rebellion moved into Deansgate on Friday



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