Engagement ring found after Caldicot waste site search

Missing ring Image copyright Monmouthshire council
Image caption The ring is now safely back with Jo Carter

A heartbroken woman who accidentally binned her engagement ring thanked recycling centre staff for finding it among piles of rubbish.

She said two workers at Five Lanes recycling centre, Caldicot, “trawled through hundreds of bags” to find it.

Jo Carter realised on Saturday she had lost it and it had been taken to the tip along with 15 other black bags.

Two Monmouthshire council workers spent four hours trying to find it.

Mr and Mrs Carter got engaged 15 years ago, but she did not put on the ring – valued at £3,000 a few years ago – very often.

Mrs Carter said: “It has huge sentimental value and is also very expensive and not insured. This morning my husband Craig went to the tip and two amazing human beings trawled through hundreds of bags to find it.

“Their kindness and good hearts have had me in tears.”

Image copyright Monmouthshire council
Image caption Not far off trying to find a needle in a haystack

“I don’t normally wear it – it’s too big,” she said.

“I’ve lost 10 stone since I had it and haven’t worn it for a long time. It was at my mother’s for years, but she gave it back to me a few months ago.”

It had been kept on an old candle in her bathroom, and when she threw that out, the ring went with it.

“In the evening it dawned on me. I said to my husband ‘Oh my God, it’s in the candle, I’ve binned the candle’,” she added.

“By the time I realised, the tip had shut. My husband called last night and they said they couldn’t promise but to show up in the morning.

“In all honesty I didn’t think they’d find it, I spent most of the evening crying.”

Image copyright Monmouthshire council
Image caption After four hours, the workmen, Rhys and Darren, found the ring

However, Mr Carter and workers Rhys and Darren were determined.

“Craig knew which bag it was in because it had all the things from the bathroom cupboard,” Mrs Carter said.

“When they found that bag they carefully put all the contents out.”

Mr and Mrs Carter thanked the workers, saying it showed the Monmouthshire community “at its best”.

The couple bought the workers a box of beer each, a £25 food voucher and a £10 scratchcard.

As for the ring, Mrs Carter said: “I’m going to give it back to my mum – she’s more sensible.”

Image copyright Monmouthshire council
Image caption The workers were rewarded for their efforts by the couple



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