Drivers targeted in Scotland as 16 die in April crashes

Police Scotland Car Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption Police will toughen up on drivers who speed, use mobiles and who choose not to wear seatbelts

Reckless drivers are to be targeted by Police Scotland after 16 people died in collisions in April alone.

Motorists who speed, use mobiles or choose not to wear a seatbelt face fines and penalty points in a police campaign to promote road safety.

The focus of the campaign will be on inappropriate speeds, which contribute significantly to fatal crashes, the force said.

A similar initiative in February caught 1,587 offending drivers.

It comes after a woman died on Sunday following a two-vehicle crash near Forres in the Highlands.

The push will be led by Police Scotland’s road policing division between Monday 29 April and Sunday 5 May.

Support will be given by safety camera units which are stationed across the country.

The cameras detected 1,164 driving offences during the last campaign in February, while police caught a further 423 speeding drivers.

‘Life-long grief’

Ch Insp Mark Patterson confirmed that since the beginning of April, 16 people have died in road traffic collisions in Scotland as he announced the initiative’s return.

He continued: “The heartbreak and life-long grief these untimely deaths cause is preventable, not inevitable.

“Every driver knows they have to obey the posted speed limit, to not recklessly distract themselves by using handheld devices and that wearing a seatbelt, in the front or back of a motor vehicle has been compulsory now for decades.

“Our latest campaign will focus on educating errant motorists through enforcement rather than education or warnings.

“That most likely means a monetary fine and points on the driver’s licence. For probationary drivers the risks are even greater – one mobile phone/device offence will mean a hefty fine, six penalty points and disqualification from driving until a further driving test is passed.

“With the modern communication and warning systems now present in most motor vehicles, there is simply no excuse for heedlessly exceeding speed limits, using a hand-held device or not buckling up and telling your passengers to do likewise.

“My message to all drivers is quite clear – obey the law and #drivesmart.”



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