Bristol burst main leaves thousands without water

Scene of water main burst
Image caption Traffic is being diverted around the site of the burst main

Thousands of people have been left without water in Bristol after a major water main burst on what is expected to be the hottest day on record in the UK.

Properties in Speedwell, Eastville, Fishponds, Lockleaze, Horfield, St George and Stapleton are affected.

Bristol Water said the burst might have been caused by the hot weather.

Bottled water is being delivered to vulnerable people and bowsers are being sent to the area.

Latest information on the burst water main in Bristol and other news from the West of England

The burst main, on Royate Hill in Eastville, has forced the closure of the road while repairs are carried out, and it may remain shut for several days.

Image caption Bristol Water said it was not known how long repairs would take

Sharna Smith, from Bristol Water, said it was too early to predict when the main would be repaired.

“We are aiming to reroute the supply around the damaged area. But our priority is to get water to people,” she said.

Bristol Water said the burst might have been caused by hot temperatures causing the ground to shift and pipes to contract and expand.

The company is warning that discoloured water is being reported in other areas as repair work is carried out, and some people may have low water pressure.



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