Brexit: UK ‘proposes customs sites on both sides of border’

Signs near Irish border Image copyright Reuters
Image caption The proposals would mean customs sites created on both sides of the border

The UK has proposed creating a number of customs sites on both sides of the Irish border as a replacement to the Brexit backstop, it has been reported.

Irish national broadcaster RTÉ has seen extracts of proposals sent from London to the European Union.

The proposals would mean posts created on both sides of the border, potentially five to 10 miles back from the land frontier.

The ideas are contained in documents submitted during recent EU discussions.

RTE says Prime Minister Boris Johnson has insisted that Northern Ireland remain completely outside the EU’s customs union for industrial goods and agri-food products.

Under the British proposals, both the UK and EU would create what are believed to be called “customs clearance sites” but to all intents and purposes a customs post, the broadcaster reports.

Also included in the documents submitted to the EU is the proposal that goods moving from a customs clearance site on the northern side of the border to a similar site on the southern side would be monitored in real time using GPS via mobile phone data, or tracking devices placed on trucks or vans.



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