Blackpool school milk thief steals hundreds of cartons

CCTV of suspected milk thief Image copyright Kincraig Primary
Image caption Kincraig Primary has released CCTV images of the suspect who has targeted the school over the past four months

A serial milk snatcher has stolen hundreds of cartons from a primary school.

Staff at Kincraig Primary in Blackpool, Lancashire, have appealed for help to catch the “disgusting” thief, who has been targeting its deliveries since June.

The school said the suspect wore a hooded top, was accompanied by a dog and had been leaping over its railings.

Lancashire Police said it was investigating the thefts.

The school has released CCTV images of the suspect, who is thought to have stolen up to 1,000 cartons of milk over four months.

Image copyright Paul Burnell
Image caption Parents have offered to keep watch at the school in the early hours of the morning

It posted on Facebook: “A young man in a hoodie and walking a small dog is pinching your children’s milk in the early hours of the morning.

“It has become more persistent recently. He loads his bag with as much milk as he can carry and goes across the road into the estate.

“Please help us stop this. It is disgusting.”

The school said the thefts have continued despite changing the drop-off points for the milk deliveries.

Some parents have offered to keep a vigil at the school late at night, while others have been in touch with the school suggesting the name of a potential culprit.

Image copyright Kincraig Primary School
Image caption The school posted about the thefts on Facebook

Head teacher Karen Appleby thanked parents for their “help and support”.

A police spokesman said: “We have had this reported to us as going on since June. It looks like potentially a man has been taking the cartons of milk.

“It is under investigation so if anyone has any information they can contact us.”



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