BBC presenter Beccy Barr to leave job to become firefighter

Beccy Barr
Image caption Beccy Barr had previously taken part in a have-a-go day at the fire service for a TV segment

BBC TV presenter Beccy Barr is set to follow in her father’s footsteps when she joins Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service.

The 41-year-old journalist from Lancaster is preparing to become a firefighter in September after almost 20 years in journalism.

Her father Roy Barr spent around 20 years in the same fire service.

The BBC North West Tonight journalist said she was “excited and terrified” about the challenges ahead.

“I still really love being a journalist but it has been nearly 20 years and I’m ready for a change and a different challenge,” she said.

Ms Barr, who started her career at the Blackpool Citizen in her early 20s, has previously worked for Bloomberg News and CNBC.

‘Great privilege’

This included a spell in New York as a technology reporter at Bloomberg’s global headquarters.

“It’s a great privilege when people tell you their stories and you are trusted to recount them – that’s the thing that I will miss the most,” she said.

But the presenter added the time was right to head down a different career path and “learn a new trade from scratch”.

“My dad has not given me any advice because he thinks I’m mad,” she said.

“I was always proud of my parents working for the fire service and the NHS.

“I grew up with a real sense of public service. I’ve always tried to help where I can.”



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