Bangor man guilty of ‘despicable’ theft from blind busker

Chris Chadwick-Parnell
Image caption Chris Chadwick-Parnell had his money stolen in Bangor High Street

A man found guilty of stealing from a blind busker was slammed for carrying out “a despicable act on a vulnerable person” by a magistrate.

Gary Williams stole money from Chris Chadwick-Parnell in Bangor High Street.

The 51-year-old, of Love Lane, Bangor, had denied theft but was found guilty by Caernarfon magistrates.

Alan Fothergill, 43, of Plas Mabon, Bangor, admitted theft. Both men will be sentenced at Caernarfon Crown Court at later dates.

Williams had claimed he had been trying to help the busker on 26 June.

But magistrate Peter Talbot praised a “public-spirited passer-by” who filmed what was happening because they were concerned.

Image caption Chris Chadwick-Parnell said he didn’t “feel safe working outside” after the theft

In a victim impact statement, Mr Chadwick-Parnell described how music helped him and the financial impact of not being able to busk.

“I don’t feel safe to work outside any more,” he said.

Williams pleaded guilty to a public order offence, having sworn at a police officer when arrested and having arrived late to court.

He was told to pay £110 in a fine and costs for these offences.

Magistrates sent the case to crown court, saying their sentencing powers for the theft were “insufficient”.



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