Airbed rescue: Teenagers reunited with man they saved off Fraserburgh

'Phil from Newcastle' with Isla and Eilidh Noble Image copyright Noble family
Image caption The three were delighted to be reunited in Fraserburgh

A man saved along with his young son by two schoolgirls from drowning off the Aberdeenshire coast has visited them to say thank you.

The holidaymaker, known only as Phil, presented them with a box of “Heroes” chocolates at their Fraserburgh home.

Isla Noble, 15, ferried the pair to shore using a lilo while her sister Eilidh, 14, called the emergency services on Monday afternoon.

Phil, from Newcastle, passed out during the drama but was otherwise unharmed.

He gave his teenage rescuers a handwritten note from his children, thanking them for saving their father and brother, who is believed to be four.

It read: “For the heroes that saved our father and brother, many, many thanks for being so courageous, nothing is big enough to thank you, but this is just a tiny token of our appreciation.”

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Media caption‘He was going under so I went out with the lilo’

The Fraserburgh Academy pupils were enjoying some time in the water after school at the Waters of Philorth nature reserve when they heard Phil’s cries for help.

He had his son on his shoulders, but was exhausted and out of his depth.

Isla swam out to them, put the child on the airbed and helped Phil lie across the inflatable, while her sister went back to fetch her phone.

Another rescuer, Keith Gray, who was picnicking with his family, joined her to help push the airbed back to shore.

Image copyright RNLI Fraserburgh
Image caption The teenagers used a lilo-type airbed to ferry the man and child to shore

Phil lost consciousness briefly and was airlifted to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, before later being discharged.

Isla and Eilidh’s “proud” mother Lisa Noble told the BBC Scotland news website: “The girls were absolutely delighted to see him and find out that he had made a full recovery.

“He couldn’t thank them enough – but was totally amazed at how young they were considering what they had done.

“His wife had asked the girls for their address so they could return their towel as it went with him in the air ambulance.”

Fraserburgh RNLI has praised all those involved in the rescue and said their actions almost certainly averted a tragedy.



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