11-Plus exam questions ‘impossible to answer’

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Image caption The children are hoping to go to Dr Challoner’s High School or one of the other grammar schools in the group

Children sitting grammar school entrance exams were given “impossible-to-answer” questions, a parent has said.

The errors appeared in the 11-Plus exam run by the Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools group’s 13 schools.

Prospective pupils spotted the mistakes as they sat the exam, a letter from The Gerrards Cross CE School said.

Exam provider GL Assessment and Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools apologised for the errors.

‘Beggars belief’

There were errors on two questions on a verbal reasoning paper and two questions on a practice section of an English test.

A mother whose child sat the exam, and did not want to be named, said: “It was impossible to answer and kids began raising their hands – which at the age of 10 under exam conditions takes some courage.”

She added it “beggars belief that no-one proof read it”.

The Gerrards Cross CE School, a primary school, wrote to parents to say the questions made children “concerned” and “upset” and this may have affected their overall performance.

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Buckinghamshire County Council said it had scheduled an “urgent” meeting with GL Assessment and the Buckinghamshire Grammar Schools group.

The school group has written to prospective parents to say scores for the questions would be omitted from the final marks.

“As soon as the issue was identified, instructions were given to all test centres to tell candidates to not attempt to answer the two questions,” the letter added.

GL Assessment confirmed the flawed exam was only sat by children in Buckinghamshire.



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