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WWE 2K20: Fans slam game over glitches and bugs

A screenshot from WWE 2k20. The face of in-game character Becky Lynch has not generated properly, showing disembodied eyes, ears and teeth hovering in the air. Image copyright WWE 2k20/Visual Concepts/2K Sports
Image caption This was supposed to be WWE wrestler Becky Lynch… we think

Vanishing faces, uncontrollably spinning wrestlers and disappearing referees are not what fans expected to see when they started up WWE 2K20.

The latest entry in the professional wrestling video game series has been slated on social media, with one fan calling it “literally unplayable“.

The hashtag #FixWWE2K20 has been tweeted 25,000 times since the game was released on 22 October.

Fans say the software is plagued with glitches. In one example, Rey Mysterio’s mask dissolved into his face.

Another mistake shared on social media showed WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch with disembodied facial features.

Another visual error, which might be more at home in a horror film, shows a wrestler suffering from an extremely lazy eye.

Fans have also directed criticism at gameplay bugs, which they say are so severe that they leave players with no choice but to quit the game.

Videos of the problems show characters being crushed and sinking inside the wrestling ring.

One video of Charlotte Flair being flung in circles around Sasha Banks has been viewed more than 700,000 times on Twitter.

Another post shows wrestlers Alexa Bliss, Carmella and Kairi Sane bouncing violently against the ropes and canvas, as the referee is literally absorbed into the ring.

2K Sports, which makes the game, has not yet replied to a BBC request for comment.

Meanwhile, some fans who purchased a special edition of the game have voiced their frustration at it not including a promised autograph from a WWE legend.

The WWE 2K20 Collector’s Edition is priced at £139.99 and according to retailer Game “includes a collectible acrylic piece containing one of three possible WWE SmackDown Legend Autographs”.

But some fans said their “collectible acrylic piece” was missing a signature.

2K Games has advised fans to get in touch to resolve the problem. But WWE legend Edge has taken things further.

The former wrestler tweeted a guarantee that he will send a private message on Twitter to anyone missing his autograph, and arrange to send them a replacement.


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