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Wainfleet flooding: Homes remain evacuated until Friday

Flooded home in Wainfleet Image copyright Joe Giddens/PA
Image caption About 130 properties in Wainfleet have been flooded after an average two months’ rain fell in two days last week

People evacuated from their homes in a flooded Lincolnshire town may not be able to return until Friday.

More than 580 homes in and around Wainfleet were evacuated after heavy rains led to the River Steeping bursting its banks on Wednesday.

Residents still in their homes have been told to avoid using toilets, showers and washing machines due to a strain on the sewerage system.

Powerful pumps are being used to try to reduce the water level.

Image caption Up to 1,000 people have been evacuated from their homes

The equivalent of about two months’ rain fell in two days, forcing 1,000 people out of their homes and flooding nearly 130 properties in the town.

In a tweet, the Environment Agency said it was “on the ground pumping water away” and had “shifted 225 Olympic-sized swimming pools’ worth of water” overnight.

It said river levels in the area were “slowly dropping”, with two flood warnings remaining in place for the area.

However further rain is expected, with 40-60mm anticipated on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Meteorologist Dean Hall said: “We are keeping an eye on it as there could be some issues with surface water and flooding.”

Image copyright Kurnia Aerial Photography
Image caption The RAF dropped 270 tonnes of ballast to fill a breach in the River Steeping bank

Lincolnshire Police issued an advisory notice limiting the use of toilets, showers, dishwashers and washing machines.

They said people may have to stay away from their homes until the end of the week.

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