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The Papers: The Queen’s ‘reluctant farewell’ and ‘Orf you go’

Image caption Most of Tuesday’s papers lead on the Queen agreeing a “period of transition” for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex after they said they wished step back as full time royals. “You can go your own way” is the Fleetwood-Mac inspired headline of the Metro.
Image caption The Sun claims the Queen’s statement “made it plain” that she is “deeply upset” by Harry and Meghan’s decision to step back.
Image caption “The Queen’s reluctant farewell” is the Daily Telegraph’s top headline. Like other newspapers, it features a photograph of Prince Harry kissing the Queen in 2015.
Image caption “Gracious Queen grants Harry his wish”, is the front page headline of the Daily Express, which says the monarch has “regretfully” agreed to the couple’s request.
Image caption The Queen’s apparent reluctance to agree to the couple’s request leads the Daily Mail’s coverage, with the newspaper calling events “possibly the biggest royal crisis in a generation”.
Image caption The Queen’s “unprecedented” statement was “unusually informal in tone” but gave no clues as to the details, reports the Times.
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Image caption The i’s take on the royal story is that Buckingham Palace has accepted a “radical overhaul” of the monarchy in allowing the couple to step away.
Image caption The royal story makes the front page of the Guardian. But its lead is on climate – with its headline saying that “record heat in world’s oceans is ‘dire’ warning”. The newspaper says analysis shows the past five years have been the “five warmest recorded in the oceans”.
Image caption In a departure from the royals, The Financial Times reports the economy shrank in the run-up to the general election, which it says adds “further pressure” on the Bank of England to slash interest rates.
Image caption The Daily Star’s splash claims Marcus Rashford, the England and Manchester United footballer, could launch a range of toilet paper under his name.

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