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The Papers: ‘PC killed a week before his honeymoon’

Image caption The Daily Mail carries what it calls a “wedding picture to make you weep” for its front page, as it pays tribute to PC Andrew Harper who was killed while responding to a burglary. The paper says just four weeks ago the officer was posing for his wedding photos and asks if there could be a “crueller symbol of Wild West Britain?”
Image caption An image of PC Harper and his wife cutting their wedding cake is splashed across the Daily Mirror as it says his murder “shocks” the nation.
Image caption The i notes that 10 people have been arrested after PC Andrew Harper was “dragged to death by car”. It says family members have paid tribute to the newlywed who was due to “go on honeymoon next week”.
Image caption The Sun says the officer died “under the wheels of a getaway car”, adding the suspects are all males between the ages of 13 to 30. It also carries an image of the crime scene which sits alongside images of PC Harper on duty and with his wife on his wedding day.
Image caption The Daily Express describes his death as “mindless and brutal”. It says the officer worked for the Roads Policing Proactive Unit based at Abingdon Police Station.
Image caption The Times also has an image of PC Andrew Harper and his wife at their wedding for its front page, but lead with news of the chancellor’s “radical plan for first budget”. The paper says Sajid Javid is considering a change to stamp duty which would “switch the burden from buyers to sellers”.
Image caption PC Harper, 28, was “popular and well regarded officer,” according to the Guardian, which notes that his death comes amid concerns over threats to police officers.
Image caption The Financial Times focuses on the “political crisis” in Hong Kong after Cathay Pacific replaced its chief executive. It claims Beijing is now focusing on pulling Hong Kong’s “business into line” after anti-government protests.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph reports that Ken Clarke has volunteered to become caretaker prime minister to avoid a no-deal Brexit. The paper says the “Tory grandee” also gave his support to a proposal by Lib Dem’s Jo Swinson to lead an “emergency government to sort Brexit out”.
Image caption In other news, the Daily Star unveils what it calls a “baby horror” as it reports news of the “sickest reality TV show ever”. It says “TV bosses” are planning to air a new programme which sees “wannabe mums hook up with strangers” to get pregnant.

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