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The Papers: ‘Decade to save Earth’ and 2020 ‘wave of optimism’

Daily Mirror front page
Image caption “A decade to save the world,” declares the front-page headline of the Daily Mirror. The paper reports that Prince William has launched a major environmental prize in a bid to save the planet from climate change. It quotes him as saying that the next 10 years “present us with one of our greatest tests – a decade of action to repair the Earth”.
Daily Mail front page
Image caption The Daily Mail leads on the same warning from Prince William, who says humanity risks irreparably damaging the Earth through climate change. His intervention came after Britain recorded its hottest December day and unprecedented wildfires tore across Australia.
The Times front page
Image caption The Times strikes a more upbeat tone, saying the UK will enter the new year on a “wave of optimism”. The paper says Britons are becoming more optimistic about the economy as Brexit uncertainty lifts. Polling conducted for the paper found that one in five people expect to be richer by the end of the year, while two-thirds expect to end 2020 at least as well off as they are now.
Daily Express
Image caption In a similar vein, Boris Johnson has used his New Year speech to herald an upcoming “decade of prosperity”, the Daily Express reports. The paper says the prime minister hailed the 2020s as a new chapter for the UK.
Guardian front page
Image caption Elsewhere, protesters in Iraq dealt a symbolic blow to the US by storming its embassy compound in Baghdad and trapping diplomats inside, while chanting “death to America”, reports the Guardian. The paper describes it as a “humiliating day” for Washington, in which hundreds of supporters of Iraqi Shia militias besieged the US compound.
The i newspaper
Image caption The i leads on the military being called in to help emergency workers deal with wildfires in Australia that are raging out of control. Helicopters and naval vessels were deployed to evacuate thousands of residents and tourists trapped on beaches, the paper says.
Daily Star front page
Image caption And finally, the Daily Star says people have been complaining on the review website TripAdvisor that Mount Snowdon in north Wales is too steep. “Mount snowflake” is the paper’s headline.

Photos of New Year celebrations across the UK feature on many of the front pages.

According to the Times, Britain is seeing in 2020 on a “wave of optimism”.

It reports that people are becoming more optimistic about the economy as Brexit uncertainty begins to lift, with one in five expecting to be richer by the end of the year.

While this in an improvement on the previous year, the paper also reveals that 27% still expect to be worse off.

The Financial Times reports that a crucial indicator of the US bond market is also closing 2019 at its most optimistic in more than a year.

It says only a few months ago the US yield curve, which shows the difference between short-term and long-term interest rates, had been signalling that a recession was imminent.

Image copyright PA Media
Image caption Images of the UK ushering in the New Year feature on many of the front pages

Many of the papers use their editorials to urge Britain to re-unite after the bitter divisions over Brexit.

The Daily Mail hopes that after a “fractious and bad-tempered 12 months” the principal argument is over and “the healing can begin”.

The Daily Telegraph believes that Boris Johnson knows he will not unite the country if those on the losing side feel they are “having their noses rubbed in it” and is already reaching out to them in his new year message.

The Sun cannot recall feeling as hopeful for Britain’s future and believes we will enjoy a “golden decade”.

The Daily Mirror says it is “a new beginning, and a chance to get things right”. It is hoping the new decade will be the “Tremendous Twenties”.

Surge in child muggings

A surge in the number of children being mugged is the lead story in the Daily Telegraph.

The paper has analysed figures from the Office for National Statistics which, it says, suggest that more than 500 10 to 15-year-olds are attacked every day.

It adds that the popularity of smartphones may be one reason that phone thefts are on the rise for the first time since 2010.

Criminologists tell the paper that many muggings go unreported because of fears of revenge attacks and a belief that police are too stretched to investigate “low-level” crimes.

The Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror lead with a warning from Prince William that humanity has 10 years to save the world.

The Mirror says the prince hopes that offering multi-million pound awards will encourage scientists to develop ways of halting climate change.

It says the “Earthshot Prize” may become the most prestigious environmental award in history.

The Mail calls the prince’s move “a dramatic intervention” and points out it comes as Britain recorded its hottest December day.

The paper’s editor-at-large, Richard Kay, says the prince is determined to make his mark and has “picked up the baton of environmental progress” from his father, concluding he’s a “princely chip off the old block.”

A number of papers report on the way the former boss of Nissan managed to get out of Japan, where he was awaiting trial for fraud.

The Guardian says Carlos Ghosn fled house arrest hidden in a musical case, which it calls “an audacious Hollywood movie-style escape”.

It describes the plot as “orchestrated” by his wife with the assistance of a Gregorian music group.

The Times says it was the night a tycoon used a “band to go on the run”.

And the Daily Star and the Sun both mock visitors who have made complaints about Mount Snowdon on the reviews website TripAdvisor, which include a moan that the highest mountain in Wales is “too steep”.

They say other reviews on the site criticised bad weather, poor wheelchair access and a lack of coffee shops.

The Star says the mountain is a “snow-go area for flakes” while the Sun also enjoys some wordplay with its headline “Fit of Peak”.

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