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The Papers: Brexit and Boris Johnson

The Sunday Telegraph's front page September 29
Image caption The Sunday Telegraph leads with Boris Johnson’s £13 billion plan for 40 new hospitals to replace outdated buildings and equipment. Speaking to the newspaper as the Conservative Party’s annual conference kicks off in Manchester, the PM said the plan would begin with a £2.7 billion cash injection for six hospitals over the next five years.
The Sunday Times' front page September 29
Image caption Jennifer Arcuri, the US technology entrepreneur who attended trade missions and received sponsorship grants when PM Boris Johnson was London mayor, “told friends of an affair with Boris”, The Sunday Times’ splash reports. The newspaper also leads on claims the PM “personally apologised” to the Queen after asking her to approve the unlawful suspension of the House of Commons.
The Observer's front page September 29
Image caption The Observer leads with Labour’s Brexit spokesman, Keir Starmer, accusing Boris Johnson of “deliberately whipping up fears of riots and deaths” so he can try to invoke emergency powers and avoid extending the UK’s EU membership beyond October 31.
The Mail on Sunday's front page September 29
Image caption The Mail on Sunday exclusively reveals Downing Street is investigating alleged links between foreign governments and the MPs behind legislation passed this month that could force PM Boris Johnson to delay Brexit beyond October 31.
The Sunday Express's front page September 29
Image caption The Sunday Express’ main story quotes Sir Bernard Ingham, Margaret Thatcher’s former chief press secretary, as saying Boris Johnson would win a landslide election victory even if he was in jail – as long as he “doesn’t weaken”. The comments come after the PM was threatened with prison if he did not ask the EU for an extension to the Brexit deadline of October 31.
The Daily Star on Sunday's front page September 29
Image caption The Daily Star on Sunday splashes with comments by Friends actor Michael Tyler, who claims his co-star Jennifer Anniston has not spoken to him since the sitcom ended in 2004. The actor, who played the cafe owner, Gunter, says he hasn’t heard from the Hollywood actress since the show’s wrap party.
BBC News Daily Image copyright Empics

Brexit and Boris Johnson dominate the Sunday newspapers, as the Conservative party begins its annual conference in Manchester.

The Observer carries a claim from Labour that Boris Johnson is “whipping up the idea of riots or even deaths”, so he can use emergency powers to avoid extending the UK’s membership of the EU beyond the end of next month.

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Image caption The shadow Brexit secretary, Sir Keir Starmer, believes he knows Downing Street’s strategy

The shadow Brexit secretary, Sir Keir Starmer, tells the paper that Downing Street’s strategy is clear. And, he warns that any attempt to invoke the 2004 Contingencies Act – which grants special powers in the event of a national emergency – would be defeated in the courts.

Downing Street sources told the newspaper that No 10 is not planning to use the Act. A spokesman adds: “The prime minister is determined to deliver Brexit on time and he will abide by the law.”

The Mail on Sunday reports that Downing Street has launched a probe into alleged links between foreign governments and MPs behind what Boris Johnson has called the ‘Surrender Act”, the bill which would force him to delay Brexit in the event of no-deal.

The paper quotes sources as saying that Number 10 took the unprecedented action, after officials received intelligence that some pro-Remain MPs had received help drafting the legislation – now called the Benn Bill – from members of the French government and the European Commission.

The paper says it’s also learned that plans for a second Act have been drawn up, which would allow the Speaker, John Bercow, to personally ask Brussels for a further delay on behalf of the Commons.

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Image caption Boris Johnson with Jennifer Arcuri at an event in 2014

The Sunday Times has fresh details about the American businesswoman at the centre of claims about her links to Mr Johnson.

The paper alleges that Jennifer Arcuri told four friends she had an affair with him while he was mayor of London.

Downing Street has refused to comment on the report.

The latest claims come as the prime minister faces a possible investigation into his relationship with Ms Arcuri. Mr Johnson has consistently denied any wrongdoing.

The Sunday Telegraph says the Conservatives are preparing to make the NHS a key battleground in the next general election, as Boris Johnson sets out plans for major health projects at the start of his party’s annual conference in Manchester.

In an interview with the paper, the prime minister says the government is embarking on what he calls “the biggest hospital building programme in a generation”, including projects involving 40 new hospitals.

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Image caption Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks to a patient during a visit to Whipps Cross University Hospital, east London

The Sunday Express says nothing can stop Mr Johnson delivering Brexit, even though, it says, Remainers are stepping up dirty tricks. The paper proclaims that the prime minister has so much support, he’d win an election even if he was in jail.

The Mail on Sunday reports that the boss of the Confederation of British Industry has set big business on a “collision course” with Boris Johnson and his chief adviser, Dominic Cummings, with a blistering attack on the government’s Brexit plans.

Dame Caroline Fairburn tells the paper that a no-deal Brexit would leave firms “mired in a swamp” of uncertainty.

The paper says her comments are likely to infuriate the prime minister – and have already been “lambasted” by MPs and city grandees.

The Sunday Mirror carries an appeal from the father of a baby boy who needs a transplant.

Richard Eaves had a lifesaving heart transplant in January, only to see his son, Ethan, needing a donor too after being born in March with an enlarged heart.

NASA’s chief scientist, Dr Jim Green, tells The Sunday Telegraph that discovering living organisms on Mars may only be a couple of years away. But he says the world is not prepared for such “revolutionary” implications.


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