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Newspaper headlines: Queen gives ’72-hour deadline to resolve rift’

Daily Express front page
Image caption The front pages continue to be dominated by the questions about future roles for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The Daily Express reports that the Queen will offer her grandson “a generous deal” by allowing the couple to step back as senior royals but still give them funding.
Daily Telegraph front page
Image caption The Daily Telegraph claims the Queen has ordered the row to be resolved within the next 72 hours, before Prince Harry returns to Canada to be with Meghan and their child. It says the monarch has told courtiers to find a solution by Tuesday, ahead of the duke’s next public appearance later in the week.
Daily Mirror front page
Image caption The Queen is also the focus for the Daily Mirror, which says she will steady the ship after Prince Harry and Meghan’s “bombshell”.
The Sun front page
Image caption “The frown” is the headline in the Sun, which says the Queen was “showing the strain” as she was pictured for the first time since the couple’s shock announcement.
The Times front page
Image caption The Times says Palace aides have been forced to reassure Prince Harry and Meghan that they are not being “driven out” of the Royal Family. It quotes ITV news presenter Tom Bradby, who the couple publicly revealed their struggles to in October, as saying they felt “ignored and isolated”.
Daily Mail front page
Image caption The Daily Mail leads on its own poll, which it says shows the public anger at the “shoddy” treatment of the Queen by Prince Harry and Meghan. It also says that a majority of people believe the couple should be evicted from their Windsor cottage and pay back the £2.4m spent on refurbishing it.
i weekend front page
Image caption Away from the royals, the i weekend says weapons manufacturers are set to cash in on the new arms race in the Middle East. The paper says Britain and the US are leading the sales.
Guardian front page
Image caption The Guardian reports that the environmental campaign group Extinction Rebellion was placed on an a list of “extremist ideologies” by counter-terrorism police in south-east England. The papers says the guide was aimed at police officers and teachers who, by law, have to report concerns about radicalisation.
FT Weekend front page
Image caption The Boeing crisis has “deepened”, according to the FT Weekend, which says US politicians lined up to attack the company over the latest revelations about its safety culture. The paper also says a big supplier announced it was making thousands of staff redundant.
Daily Star front page
Image caption And the Daily Star leads on Loose Women’s Linda Robson, who revealed on the show that she had been suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder which led her to bathe four times a day.

There is continued speculation and comment about what the Guardian calls a right royal mess.

It says the decision by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to step back from their frontline duties raises complex questions ranging from taxpayers’ support for the royals to the future of the institution.

The Sun is worried that a disastrous mess may get worse. Finding a solution, concludes the Times, will not be easy, because no one has ever been here before.

It believes the trickiest area is security – and who will pay for the couple’s protection if they spend half of their time in Canada.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the Queen has demanded that negotiations on Prince Harry and Meghan’s royal future should provide a blueprint for generations to come.

The Daily Mirror says royal sources have revealed Prince Charles wants to keep them at the heart of a progressive monarchy for the 21st century.

The Daily Express hopes the couple will feel able to accept what is offered in their best interests and that of the monarchy. The Daily Mail argues that if they want to become private citizens and become financially independent, they should do it by their own endeavours.

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Meanwhile, the front page of the Irish News sums up Friday’s agreement to revive power sharing in Northern Ireland with the headline “Deal Done, the Work Begins”. For the Belfast Telegraph it was a case of better late than never.

The Belfast News Letter feels both Sinn Fein and the DUP have climbed down. It thinks Sinn Fein has accepted a deal which is much tamer on the Irish language legislation than it had hoped for.

And the DUP has agreed to proposals which are strikingly similar to a draft deal rejected in February 2018.

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The Financial Times feels the crisis affecting the plane maker, Boeing, has deepened following the release of a series of internal messages in which staff admitted flaws in its 737 Max airliner.

It believes the documents raise concerns about the company’s attitude to safety and call its values into question.

The Guardian describes the messages as shocking, saying they add to a sense of chaos and incompetence at Boeing.

The Daily Mail says that if there is a grain of truth in the allegations, then it is going to take more than the departure of the chief executive to get Boeing off the ground and salvage its reputation.

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And the i tells how an accountant and his girlfriend made a 9,000 mile trip from New Zealand to his home in Thornbury, near Bristol.

Joss Quilty describes how he and Romy Romagnoli drove a Toyota Land Cruiser through 23 countries. Along the way they needed armed guards to travel along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border, and had a close shave with a Taliban suicide bomber.

Mr Quilty still has the travel bug and is planning a trip from Alaska to Argentina. He says walking around Bristol doesn’t exactly have the same appeal.


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