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Life as a teenage dwarf: ‘People think I’m four or five years old’

A teenager has spoken about living with one of the world’s rarest forms of dwarfism.

Liam Smyth, 14, was born with a type of primordial dwarfism and is less than 4ft (121cm) tall.

“It’s annoying when people stare,” he said. “Usually, people think I’m four or five.”

Liam, from Nottingham, joined people with dwarfism from across the UK at a convention organised by Little People UK – a charity co-founded by actor Warwick Davis.

“We do have a lot of members that come here that do feel very isolated and don’t go out,” Mr Davis said.

“When they come here it’s a safe environment.”

You can see this story in full on BBC Inside Out East Midlands at 19:30 BST on Monday on BBC One, or via iPlayer for 30 days afterwards.


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