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Lamborghini seized as man claims other uninsured car

Lamborghini Aventador Image copyright Greater Manchester Police
Image caption The owner of the Lamborghini Aventador was picking up his other car which was also confiscated for being uninsured

An uninsured Lamborghini has been seized by police after the owner used it to pick up his other car – also confiscated for not being insured.

Greater Manchester Traffic Police tweeted the Lamborghini Aventador – worth more than £290,000 new – seized at Eccles police station was now “on its way to join his other car”.

It tweeted if you turn up to reclaim your car check “that the car you turn up in is covered on your policy first”.

It added the driver had been reported.

On Sunday, police seized another “flash” Lamborghini – one of a group of cars doing laps around the city centre “revving engines”.

Last week officers in Oldham also stopped a white Lamborghini with no insurance.

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