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Essex ‘explosion’ was ‘sonic boom’ caused by military aircraft

Sonic boom photo Image copyright Science Photo Library
Image caption Police said a “loud explosion” heard across Essex on Saturday evening was actually a sonic boom (stock image)

A loud bang heard across Essex was a sonic boom caused by military aircraft, police have said.

Residents reported feeling their houses “shaking” after a “loud explosion” that was heard in Harlow, Epping, Chelmsford and Stansted at about 18:40 BST.

The sound sparked a large number of 999 calls, according to police.

Stansted Airport said two RAF Typhoon jets escorted a plane in to land due to a disruptive passenger on board. This led to minor delays for other flights.

A 25-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of assault and endangering an aircraft.

In a statement, Essex Police said: “We were made aware of a disruptive passenger on an inbound flight to Stansted this evening.

“There is a possibility that residents nearby may have heard a loud noise, often associated with a sonic boom, as the aircraft descended into Stansted airspace.”


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