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Belgian F-16 crash pilot ejects on to power line

Belgian Air Force F-16 AM fighting jet, a military war aircraft on an aerobatic air show display during the 53rd Paris Air Show in Le Bourget Airport LBG in France. Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption File photo: A Belgian Air Force F-16 AM jet

A Belgian air force F-16 fighter plane has crashed in north-western France, leaving one pilot caught on a high-voltage electricity line.

Both pilots ejected from the plane near Lorient in Brittany, the Belgian air force said.

French media say the crash took place farther east, near Pluvigner.

The trapped man has now been retrieved from the power line while the other has been located. Both are reported to be safe and well.

The power line was high voltage at 250,000 volts, local media reported.

French news outlet Le Télégramme posted a photo from a great distance away which appeared to show a parachute dangling from a power line near a large pylon.

Other photos appeared to show black smoke billowing from the nearby area and a damaged roof on one home.

In one photo, sheets of metal appeared to be on fire in a wooded clearing.

The plane was not carrying weapons during its flight, officials said.


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