Local elections 2019: Dogs at the polls

Finn the cocker spaniel Image copyright Sinead Hensey
Image caption Windsor and Maidenhead are selecting their councillors, and Finn the cocker spaniel “wanted to show his snout at the polling station”

It is that time of year when our canine friends take centre stage.

As voters in England and Northern Ireland go to the polls our dogs often join us for the walk and, sometimes, a photo opportunity.

Elections are being held for 248 English councils, six mayors and all 11 councils in Northern Ireland. There are no local elections in Scotland and Wales.

Since the polls opened at 07:00 BST many a dog has been snapped outside a polling station and, as has been popular on polling days over recent years, shared across social media.

Labradoodles Hotch and Penny outside their polling station sign Image copyright @LauraRachel10
Image caption Labradoodles Hotch and Penny were up early this morning for a trip to the polling station at Folkestone Central in Shepway
Nelly the dog Image copyright Martha Perrin
Image caption Martha from Brighton says five-year-old Nelly, a border terrier cross, was “promised cheese” if she stood nicely for a picture
Barney the dog Image copyright Ben Murphy
Image caption Barney the Labrador “exercised his democratic right” this morning in Wallasey, Merseyside, according to owner Ben Murphy
Scooby the dog outside his polling station Image copyright Anne Rawson
Image caption Anne Rawson’s cockerpoo Scooby is “a friend to all” whose favourite kind of polling station is one where he gets petted and given treats

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Woody the dachshund Image copyright @Darren_btn
Image caption Darren says his dog Woody the dachshund “had fun voting” and “was welcomed by the team” at the polling station in Brighton
Phoebe the Pug Image copyright @SAMiCURE
Image caption Sam says Phoebe the pug “just loves the taste of democracy in the morning” in Chorlton, Manchester
Michi the Japanese spitz Image copyright Inbali Iserles
Image caption Michi is a Japanese spitz and “a very friendly and convivial chap, and everyone smiles when they see him,” according to owner Inbali
Poppy the chocolate Labrador at her polling station in Hull Image copyright Louise Willoughby
Image caption Poppy the chocolate Labrador joined Louise at a polling station for a “walk in the sunshine” in Hull this morning

By Kris Bramwell, BBC UGC and social news

Source: bbc.co.uk

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