Hunt v Johnson: Who would you go for a drink with?

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt have been going head to head for leadership of the Conservatives, and the top job of prime minister.

It’s the “charismatic” former foreign secretary against the “trustworthy” current foreign secretary.

Nick Robinson spoke to a focus group of people in Reading West, a key marginal constituency, to hear who they thought was the best candidate.

All voted Conservative at the last general election but none of them are members of the party.

They were picked for Today by the pollsters IPSOS/MORI. Half did not vote Tory in the European elections, two backed the Brexit Party, one the Liberal Democrats and one didn’t vote.

No focus group – even one chosen by a respected polling company – can claim to speak for all Conservative voters let alone the country – but what they do give is a sense of the way a crucial group see the battle for next prime minister.

Source: bbc.co.uk

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