English local elections difficult for Tories says Welsh leader

Paul Davies
Image caption Paul Davies said “I fully accept that I have a lot of work to do”

The leader of the Conservatives in the Welsh Assembly has admitted that the English local election results will prove “difficult” for the party.

Paul Davies blamed the “challenging circumstances” around Brexit.

He was speaking at the start of the Welsh Conservative conference at Llangollen, where Theresa May is expected to speak later today.

The Conservatives and Labour faced a backlash at the ballot box in the local elections in England on Thursday.

As counting continues, the Tories have lost hundreds of seats and control of several local authorities, with smaller losses for Labour.

The AM for Preseli Pembrokeshire told BBC Wales: “I accept that it has been a difficult over the last few months because of Brexit.

“What the prime minister and the UK government have been doing is trying to deliver Brexit.

“But unfortunately MPs in the House of Commons have failed to deliver Brexit.”

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Media captionLive coverage from Llangollen Pavilion

There were also council elections Northern Ireland, but none this year in Wales or Scotland.

Mr Davies, who was elected by Welsh party members last year, admitted that he has to raise his profile among the electorate.

“I fully accept that I have a lot of work to do,” he said.

“I have already started going around Wales talking to people and communities about the issues that matter to them.

“And I will have a positive message to tell not only our members here but also of course the wider public.”

Source: bbc.co.uk

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