Prince William ‘worried’ about Harry after ITV interview

Image copyright AFP Prince William is concerned for his brother Harry and his wife Meghan after the couple said they were struggling, a Palace source has told the BBC. The Duke of Cambridge is said to be “worried” about Prince Harry and hopes he and Meghan “are all right” after the admission in an ITV […]


Asda’s contract changes are ‘just not fair’

Image copyright Getty Images Cathy Murphy has worked for Asda for the last 44 years and says it has been an “absolutely amazing employer”. However, recently the supermarket chain told Ms Murphy she will be fired unless she signs up to a new contract that will strip her of her long-service benefits, paid tea breaks […]

Drugs firms reach $260m US opioid settlement

Brexit deal acceptable, says top Barclays banker

Top fund manager forced to resign after BBC investigation


Brexit: MPs’ vote on deal ruled out by Speaker John Bercow

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionBercow: The motion will not be debated today The Commons Speaker has refused a government request to hold a “yes” or “no” vote on its Brexit deal. John Bercow said a motion on the deal had already been brought before MPs on Saturday, and it would be […]

Thai king strips consort of titles for ‘disloyalty’

Syria: Civilians pelt US army vehicles with potatoes in Qamishli

Herman Mashaba: Johannesburg’s black mayor resigns over DA race row



European SolO probe ready to take on audacious mission

Image copyright AIRBUS Image caption The spacecraft has finished its test campaign and is now ready to go to Cape Canaveral in Florida The European spacecraft that aims to take the closest ever pictures of the Sun is built and ready for launch. The Solar Orbiter, or SolO, probe will put itself inside the orbit […]


Nasa astronauts set for all-women spacewalk

Image copyright NASA Image caption The astronauts getting suited up for the spacewalk Two Nasa astronauts are about to make the first all-female spacewalk. After suiting up, Christina Koch and Jessica Meir will exit the International Space Station’s Quest airlock to replace a failed power control unit. The astronauts will have to venture to one […]


Satellites to monitor whale strandings from space

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionDr Jennifer Jackson: “Satellites get us to whales in those places that are hard to reach” Scientists developing techniques to count great whales from space say the largest ever recorded mass stranding event was probably underestimated. The carcasses of 343 sei whales were spotted on remote beaches […]