U.S. Cellular launches free iPhone 7 offer for switchers and promotions for current subscribers

Hello guys today I will tell you about a great offer which providing by a cellular company. This offer can be a big offer for you because here you can got a free iphone 7.

U.S. Cellular has announced that for a limited time, it’s offering a free iPhone 7 to consumers that switch to U.S. Cellular and trade in a qualifying smartphone in undamaged, working condition. Smartphones that qualify for trade-in include the iPhone 5s and newer, the Samsung Galaxy S6 or newer, and the Galaxy Note 5.

There are a couple of other details about this deal to keep in mind. First is that you’ll need to enroll in the Device Protection+ insurance program, which starts at $8.99 per month. Second is that to cover the cost of the new iPhone, U.S. Cellular will give you 30 monthly bill credits of $18.28 each as well as a $100 US Cellular promo card.

If you’re already a U.S. Cellular customer, you can upgrade to any new iPhone and get a $100 promo card to spend on accessories in a U.S. Cellular store. Finally, customers that buy a 9.7-inch iPad Pro from U.S. Cellular will get $200 off the device.

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