Top 10 Iphone secret tricks and hacks

Top 10 Iphone tricks you should know

Hello friends today I will share top 10 Iphone tricks, hacks and shortcuts. These tricks are very useful so friends use these secret tricks. Also read How to Bypass apple iPhone Passcode? Now see these tricks given below:

1. See Numeric Value Of Your Cell Reception:

Numeric Value of Cell reception
Now, this trick is fantastic if you want to impress your friends or family. These steps will allow you to access your cellular data that normally you would not be able to access. Things like closes cell towers near you, numeric value of cell reception, information about your SIM car etc.

How-To: To do this, go to Copy this combination of characters and numbers: “*3001#12345#*”, without quotes. Paste it in your and dial up. This will launch special secret application, Field Test. Apple definitely does not want you to know about this.

2. Highlighting Typed Text With One Tap

If you find yourself in need to quickly delete the text you just typed up for some reason, here is a useful to trick to this this with just two taps.

Highlight all text iOS
How-To: All you have to do is touch the text with two fingers at the same time. The text will become highlighted like on the image above, and you will be able to do all sort of formatting to it, including the ability to quickly delete it.

3. Automatically Turn Off Your Music When Falling Asleep

This tip will be useful to just about every person who likes to listen to music.

If you love falling asleep while listening to your favourite tunes, here is what to do to have it turned off automatically when you fall asleep.

Automatically turn off music
How-To: To activate this, simply turn on your music and go to the clock app. Set up timer and tap “When Timer End”. Scroll down to the very bottom and chose “Stop Playing”. That will turn of your music once the timer goes off. There will be no alarm to wake you up, but the music will subtly turn off for your convenience.

4. Quickly Enter a Number Without Switching Keyboards

Do you ever get frustrated with switching between your keyboards, numbers and alternative characters? Well, here is a quick fix for you.

Quickly Switch between keyboards
How-To: Hold down the “123” button and move your finger across your keyboard to the character or number that you want.

5. Quickly Access Your Email Drafts With One Tap

This simple, yet inifitely useful trick allows you to quickly continue typing your email drafts on the go. Even if you start typing an email on your computer in Gmail or on OS X, you will be able to continue typing it up when you leave home or work.

How-To: Simply hold down “Compose Email” icon and you will see your list pop up just like on the image.

6. Use an Unbreakable PIN On Your iPhone

Uncrackable pin for iPhone
Ever had your friends guess your iPhone PIN and claim they “hacked” you? Here is a solution to prevent that from happening.

How-To: Go to Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode -> Turn off Simple Passcode. This will allow you to set up a real password on your iPhone, just like on your computer.

7. Keep Your Music Playing With Safari and YouTube

Who wants to pay for Spotify or Rdio subscriptions, when you can stream music free from YouTube and have it play in background? I bet you never knew about this.

YouTube music in background
This will allow you to turn on any video/music video on YouTube in Safari and close the it, without having to have your music turned off. Here is the trick.

How-To: go to (mobile version of YouTube). Chose a video you want to play. Click “Home” button to exit to your Homescreen and slide your finger up from the bottom of the screen to get the activity centre shown above. Press “Play” button and your video will continue playing in the background! How neat is that.

8. Have Your UPS Parcels Tracked Automatically

This one is rather simple. If you have your UPS tracking number with you, you can simply paste it in your and it will automatically find a link. This will let you track your parcel directly from your

9. Force Close Applications And Clean Your RAM

This one trick is rather controversial, but definitely works and gets its job done.
The idea of this trick is it to let you do is force close of an application like you do on Mac OS in Activity Monitor. This clears up the device’s RAM (Random Access Memory) and forces the application to restart. Once more thing we wish it did was clear the cache.

How-To: Open any application you want. Hold down sleep button until you see “Slide To Turn Off” pop over. Release the Sleep button and Press and Hold Home button until you see the application force close.

10. Zoom Out In Maps With a Single Tap

This little tip will be a life saver for drivers who use Google Maps or Apple Maps.

How-To: When you are driving and are using a navigation, simply touch the screen with two fingers, like in Tip 2. It will smoothly zoom out and increase the scope of the map you are viewing.

so friends use these tricks and I will upload more secret tricks of Iphone.

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