How to Run Multiple Accounts of Same App on Android Mobile

How to run two Whatsapp account in single android phone trick

Hello friends today I will tell you how you can Run Multiple Accounts of Same App on Android Mobile.  Presently you can download Parallel Space Android App to include more than one social or games account on your Android gadget. Not all online networking application permit you to sign in with more than one account so of you need to sign in with the different id you need to sign out from the first and afterward sign to the next without fail. Be that as it may, with parallel space, you can utilize numerous account all the while. Presently you can utilize two Facebook account, two Instagram account, two Whatsapp account in an android phone. This application not restricted to social records, you likewise play games with various profiles/account at the same time in one phone.

How to Run Multiple Accounts of Same App on Android Mobile


Parallel Space is a “container” app for Android devices, it creates a virtualized, isolated environment and allows other apps to running inside. Although native applications do not allow this option, you can overcome this limitation with a simple app, available for free and that does not require root permissions or special configurations. The process of adding apps in Parallel Space is controlled through a single button, it is really clear and accessible to all. Once, in addition to being able to launch apps added from Parallel Space screen, also you will see a new icon in the drawer, distinct from the original app Parallel Space color and the symbol “+” next to the name of ‘ application.


1. Have various social accounts online at the same time on one gadget, as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, VK and much more.

2. Play two game accounts together to have a ton of fun, as COC, COK and numerous different games.

3. Separate your work and individual applications and records.

How To Use to Run Multiple Accounts of Same App on Android Mobile

First of all, Download Parallel Space from Google Play Store. You can download it by clicking here
After that, Open Parallel Space Android app in your Android Phone.
Now after that, To add a new app in this app, tap on the plus icon (+)at the bottom of the app and you will see a list of all the apps installed on your phone. Now select any of the apps.for example – If you want to run two Whatsapp account select Whatsapp app or you can do this same thing with any app
Now your selected apps will be added to the parallel space and you will be able to configure as a newly installed app in your android phone.
That’s it . You’re done now.

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