How to check a stolen iPhone tricks

  1. Hello friends some times you buy a second hand phone then you should check if that is stolen or not. So in this post I will tell you How to identify a stolen iPhone tricks.

iPhones are one of the world’s most popular phones, making it an easy target for thieves and resellers. While Find My iPhone has been a huge help in deterring wanna-be thieves from stealing random strangers iPhones, there are still people out there willing to take the risk for a quick cash payout.

If you are one of these unlucky buyers of a stolen iPhone or simply want to make sure you aren’t buying a stolen device you can check the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity).This IMEI number is unique to every phone, helping identify my iPhone from millions of other devices. Now, if Activation Lock was enabled by someone who lost or had their phone stolen, you’ll know immediately by putting the IMEI in at the Activation Lock website. You can find the IMEI number by going to Settings -> General -> About.

Of course for this method, you actually need the device in-hand to look that up. This won’t really help when buying online, but you could ask the seller to send a screenshot of that page.

For different models and generations, Apple has changed where the IMEI number is located on the device. For example, my iPhone 5s has the IMEI number right on the back on the device, whereas my iPhone 6s does not. But for the 6s and 6s Plus you can find the IMEI number on the sim card tray. So, make sure to check out the Apple support page for each devices IMEI location. Once you know where to locate the IMEI number you can go more confidently when buying a device online, since you can check it with Apple.

Whenever you are buying an iPhone online from a third-party make sure to ask for the IMEI number. While this may be annoying for the seller, and legit buyer will do this without any issues and you can verify if the phone is stolen by entering in the information here.

Methods for locating the IMEI number

Dial *#06#
Settings ->General ->About
On the original packaging for the device
In iTunes. Click on the number area when plugged in to reveal the IMEI

On the bar code of the original device box.
The IMEI number is also available for a cellular iPad. You can get the IMEI for your iPad using the methods mention above.

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