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Hello friends today I will tell you how  to earn online money with infolink. Today many peoples earning more then 1000$/month by infolink ads. Infolink is a online advertising company. Infolinks is one the best advertising platform after Google ad-sense for make money online.

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If you have a blog or website infolinks is the best for make money using text advertising ads, you no need to have any additional space for use it. You can earn money very easily if you have good number of visitors then you just signup infolinks and start money earning. You can log-in this site as a publisher and advertiser.

Basically blog and website owner use publisher account. Advertiser account use different type of organization for advertising online to selling their product and services via infolinks. Now i share my experience how to make money easily with infolinks.
At 1st you join infolinks as a publisher then click your account and add your site. Infolinks take some time to approval your site for advertising.

After approval your site then you just integrate your blog or website for advertising text ads in your blog or website post. You can integrate very simply just click integrate then select your site type and copy the integration code and paste this code in your blog or website template just before </body> tag option. Now see the screen shot how to integrate your site with infolinks.

When integration complete then you also use customize option. Infolinks permits you to modify the actions of the Infolinks script on your Blog or web pages. By using the Advanced Integration Wizard, you can simply modify the configurations of your account to completely maximize your revenues with Infolinks ads.

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Use Infolinks Affiliate Program for money making:

Do you know infolinks affiliate program? In my view many blog or website owner don’t know the infolinks affiliate program, because infolinks not showing any information in Infolinks website about there affiliate program. Now if you like to use affiliate program then you must have an active publisher account. If you have active publisher account then you contact with infolinks via email and telling them you are interested for affiliate program and also request them how to join this program. Infolinks response your email very quick with details about the program.


  1. Hi admin the above post was good and simple to follow..i want to create or open a blog site can you guide me to do the same and what are the charges i am not too perfect about internet

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