BBM gets beta video chat for Android

Hello friends today I am going to tell you that BBM gets beta video chat for Android.

BBM for Android is a chat service brought over from the BlackBerry OS of the past, even more important now that the company has its own Android device on the market. And with the latest update, a beta version of video chat is now available.

The video chat feature is intended to work between iOS and Android users, though it’s currently not available for iOS. It’s a beta feature in the app, but requires no special sign ups to use. Just press the call button, and you’ll be able to use the video call feature if the other person’s app supports it.

The feature only works in the US and Canada right now. iOS should get the beta sometime soon and the official rollout will come in July. Give it a shot and let us know what you think in the comments!

Via: Android Police
Source: Google Play: BBM

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